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maidsindubai.com, caring for you... always!

maidsindubai.com is a Professional Home and Office Cleaning, Commercial Property Cleaning / Events Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Babysitting and caregiving company that meets the cleaning needs for all types of homes, offices, clinics, hotels and many other commercial properties. Besides providing part-time house cleaners and part-time maids, we also provide office cleaners, baby-sitters as well as full-time maids. We specialize in Carpet Washing and Carpet Cleaning. We also provide with laundry services and house moving in/out cleaning. .

The company has a mission to be the company of choice for home and business owners through our flexible policies, professional services, constant improvements, quality processes and competitive prices. We do not believe in sales talk or spending very heavy on advertising to promote our services

maidsindubai.com, caring for you...  always!

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PO Box 283686
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
E-mail : sales@maidsindubai.com

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